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Within the past year, the following individuals and organizations
made financial contributions to Liberty Town Productions, nfp.
We are extraordinarily grateful for their generosity.
Please consider adding your name and/or organization to this list.
Terry Bangs, Libertyville
Betsy and Dave Barnett, Libertyville
Lorraine Branham, Libertyville
Anne and Pete Coburn, Libertyville
Jim Connell, Vernon Hills
Julie and Bill Coronelli, Libertyville
Julie and Harry Crawford,  Libertyville
Mary and Drew Cullum, Libertyville
Bill Dejon, Libertyville
Julie and Kevin Garren, Libertyville
Jeff Holland and Jill Harkaway, Libertyville
Laura and Mark Hartung, Libertyville
Linda and Bob Hauser, Evanston
Dwight Johnson, Waukegan
BJ and Dave Jones, Libertyville
Jay Justice, Libertyville
Laurel Kaiser, Hawthorn Woods
Cathie and Walter Kierens, Jackson, NH
Jennifer and Todd Kolber, Vernon Hills

Mary Lentini, Libertyville
Sharon and Jim Lentino, Libertyville
Helene Levene, Libertyville
Libertyville Sunrise Rotary Club, Libertyville
Debbie and Guy Mattana, Libertyville
Mr. Dee’s, Libertyville
Julie and Dave Peters, Libertyville
‘Cille and Steve Ramsey, Lake Forest
Lori and Barry Reszel, Libertyville
Molly and Patrick Scheibler, Libertyville
Guy Schumacher, Libertyville
Tamika Smith, Scottsdale, AZ
Lisa and Peter Stueckemann, Libertyville
Jane and John Trump, Grayslake
Donna Waehner, Libertyville
Colleen and Glenn Weiglein, Libertyville
Terry Weppler, Libertyville
Laurie and Ray Wienke, Libertyville
Sue and Tom Zimmer, Libertyville

I want to direct a play or musical
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I want to be a rehearsal accompanist
I want to play in a pit band/orchestra
I want to musical direct (band) a show
I want to stage manage a show
I want to vocal direct a show
I want to choreograph a show
I want design sets, lights or sound
I want to help with sound/lighting
I want to help with costuming
I want to help with stage building
I want to help with props
I want to help with stage crew
I want to help with ushering
I want to help with PR/marketing
I want to help with fundraising
I want to help with sales
I want to help with information distributon